June 28, 2005

  • If there's one thing at which we humans aren't particularly talented, it's
    knowing when to take out the trash, turn out the lights, lock the door,
    and leave.

    As supporting evidence of this, I give you the Miss America pageant.

    Look, folks, stick a fork in it . . . it's done.

    It lost its ABC contract and has been scrambling in the attempt to find
    another television sponsor, which it finally did:  the Country
    Music Television, a cable network based in Nashville.  The contest
    won't be held this year at all, instead occurring in January, and
    there's a strong chance it won't take place in Atlantic City.

    The ratings have been dropping like a rock for years.  I can't
    recall the last time I watched it.  Ages ago, that's for sure.

    So just drop it!  Stop it!  Shove lilies in its hands and draw the shroud over it.  It's dead