June 26, 2005

  • What is up with canasta?  Never played it in my life....have no idea how
    to play it, in fact.  Yet let me go to play Addiction Solitaire at
    Yahoo! and there'll be maybe 400 people playing that, but upwards of
    ten times that many playing canasta. 

    Isn't canasta an old-lady game played in retirement homes or something?

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  • We play a version of Canasta called "Pick Up Your Foot," a LOT. The kids love it - Ethan and Stefan especially. Something about holding a lot of cards does it for them - maybe it's like holding a lot of money?

    It's NOT an old lady game.

    My cousin just reminded me the other day that as kids we played Canasta all the time - all summer long, we'd play cards in the morning after our chores were done and then swim all afternoon, ending the day with more card playing, most likely. (She lived two doors down from me and we're 6 weeks apart.)

    So there.

    You're just out of it, Anne.



  • I played Canasta A LOT when I was a teen - with my friends and with my grandmother.  Loved the game but wouldn't have a clue how to play it now. 

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