May 26, 2005

  • Got my hair cut (again) this afternoon in preparation for going to Mike
    C.'s retirement-from-the-Air-Force-after-22-years party in San Angelo
    tomorrow afternoon, which sparked a couple of observations.

    One was how those big photo books of hairstyles, provided by the
    hairdresser, are rather a mixed bag o' blessings.  OTOH, I have
    never seen collected in one place so many perfectly awful hairstyles.  The idea someone might actually point to one of them and say, "Make me look like that!"
    is laughable.  OTOH, by golly if there weren't some middleaged and
    pudgebuckets included.  This is a pleasant change, as usually one
    could not tell, based upon the models, there's anyone over 25 years and
    95 pounds dripping wet left in the world.

    Second was how odd it is to me to see a grand total of three
    hairdryer seats.  I clearly recall the days when the line of
    hairdryers took up most of a wall, but now they're tucked in the
    back.  Two of the three were being used when I came in, though
    judging by the foil and cotton, it was for dye purposes rather than
    drying hair on rollers.

    BTW, it's amazing - and rather painful - how hot those blowdryers can be!  Ouch.

    The young woman who did my hair had a ring through her nose, and a stud
    way down below her mouth, but she did a right nice job.  Took a
    lot of care, kept checking for stray hairs needing to be snipped,
    etc.  I'm always a trifle nervous, putting myself in the hands of
    someone with weird colored hair and metal adornments, but to be fair,
    they can be pretty decent stylists.

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  • When do we see pictures? I was under a dryer just the other day getting my hair highlighted. What were you under the dryer for?

  • I wasn't under the dryer...just noticed them in back.

  • Yes, I'm with Elaine - photos, photos, photos. Although I suppose we'll get them photos from Mike's party?


  • You never know, Cindy. Anything's possible.

  • Last time I was at the hairdresser I was contemplating getting my hair cut significantly differently -- I only wound up getting a slight modification.

    Anyway, as I was waiting and contemplating this, I was paging through their hairstyle book.

    I started noticing something odd -- mullets. MULLETS? I mean, there was a guy who looked like an early 90's country singer there, and that look has been gone for a looooong time.

    Finally, in extreme puzzlement, I looked at the copyright date.


    What the HECK is the purpsoe of having an 11 year old hairstyle book in a salon??!?!?!?

  • Pictures of your new do?

    A few days ago I had my hair cut by a woman with about 50 pounds of braided extensions on her head, she looked positively normal compared to the pierced and tatooed duo that cut mine and my daughter's hair a few months ago. I am always terrified when a tatooed, pierced, wild haired person tells me "I'm going to cut your hair". I've not been brave enough to have my hair dyed or highlighted, mother nature is quickly taking care of the highlights..I didn't know that you had to sit under the dryers for those. My mom had a lovely turquoise hair dryer helmet thing you could sit under....wonder if she still has it (she throws nothing away it seems, so I'll bet up in her attic you'll find a lovely turquoise old fashioned hair dryer)...

  • When I was at the salon on Wednesday having my hair highlighted, the grandmother of the girl cutting my hair was also there. The girl told me that her grandmother puts her head in a 450F oven to dry her hair. She doesn't use a hair dryer. The grandmother backed up this crazy story! The grandmother is going on a cruise and wonders whether they'll let her into the kitchen to dry her hair. CRAZY!!!! (And I promise...they were dead serious about this!) I still don't think I believe them though.

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