May 24, 2005

  • Alex, Beth, and Hannah were over last night:

    Isn't she adorable? 

    This was my favorite, though: 

    He suddenly remembered the pacifier and whipped it out of his mouth, but it was Too Late.  The evil deed was done. 

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  • I never was one for putting a pacifier in my mouth but I see LOTS of parents doing it, so Alex, you're only, well, a bit strange.

    But you have a beautiful daughter!


  • They all seem to do it these days. As you say, I never did.

    Youngsters! Whatcha gonna do?

  • What a cutie!  And Hannah's not bad either.   No really - she's adorable.  Love all that dark hair.

    My grandchildren buy candy that's attached to a pacifer handle.  They look silly but what's youth for if not to look silly.

  • She is adorable. Great pacifier picture :)

  • The only time I've ever seen a grownup with a pacifier in his mouth was when we went to Chicago and saw a great big black man with a headcap made out of an old pair of nylons and a big pacifier in his mouth.  I think it was supposed to be a Fashion Accessory. Left me cold, did that.

  • Cute cute cute...I'm telling you!!

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