May 23, 2005

  • All the academic grades have been posted, and the only class Dmitry
    flat-out failed was History.  He managed to pass (through the kind
    offices of the teachers in many cases, make no mistake) Pre-Alegbra and
    Computer with 73's, 77's in English and Earth Science, and an 82 in

    Considering that last July his entrance exam wasn't gradeable, that's pretty good going. 

    However, the principal of Temple called a few minutes ago and said the
    consensus of the teachers is that he should repeat 8th grade, which he
    flatly refuses to do, and I can't say as how I blame him.  Who
    wants to be the only 15 year old in a sea of 13 year olds, especially
    when your friends are all in the 9th grade?

    His time at Temple was well-spent, though.  It helped him
    assimilate, improved his math and English, and most important, really
    introduced him to the Scriptures.

    On to Plan B, whatever that winds up to be. 

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