March 31, 2005

  • [defensively]  Now, I never claimed to be a competent
    seamstress.  It's not much, unfortunately.  But it's almost
    done . . . only the snaps remain to be put on:

    Maybe the next one'll come out better. 

    BTW, Cindy, I took your advice about the neck.  ;^)

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  • Looks fine to me! Remind me not to ever let you see my kids in anything I've made for them, if you consider THAT a poor attempt!

  • Yeah, well, you'll notice I've carefully hidden the inside.

    It ain't pretty. Believe me when I tell you this.

  • Well, I think it looks just fine....what's wrong with the inside and will Hannah be wearing it inside out? I'm betting that she looks better than darling in it.

  • It looks great!

    Hey, here's a tip - if you haven't already cut itout, try cutting the next one out with pinking shears. The raw edges will look as though you meant them to be that way.



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