March 31, 2005

  • Do you ever fixate on attempting to do something Highly Unlikely To Work Out?

    No, not kimonos.  Very funny. 

    This weekend is the open house at the Joint Navel Air Base here in Fort
    Worth, and part of the festivities is a visit by the Blue Angels. 
    Our house tends to be in their fly-over zone, and this afternoon
    they've zoomed overhead a couple of times.  Managed to get outside
    in time to see four planes in formation whooshing toward the south.

    Not in time to take a picture, though.

    So I've been essentially stalking them ever since.  First I waited
    out on the front porch for a good fifteen minutes, then gave up and
    came back inside, periodically rushing outside whenever the sound of
    jet engines can be heard.

    At least three times I have Officially Given Up, only to grab the camera and dash for the door the next time I'd hear jet noise.

    Talk about an exercise in futility!

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  • Joint Navel mean like the Siamese twins?  Hahahahaha..OK, my humor is the real exercise in futility here.

  • ARGH!!!

    NAVAL. I meant <Naval!


  • At the conference I recently attended, one of the keynote speakers was a former Blue Angel commander, now a CEO of a defense technology firm in San Diego. He had some fascinating things to say about the Blues. The movie he showed us is here. Warning: It's BIG - 17 MB or so.

  • oops. Actually, that's not the movie he showed us, it's a movie of his presentation slides. You can find an even bigger PDF of the same slides here. There's some great still shots of the Blues.

  • MEREDITH <--- Meredith typed that out all by herself to tell her Aunt Anne "hello." She also wants a smiley face, so here!

  • Darlin' Marebear! You're so clever, angel.

    Looking forward to viewing the slides, Moosie. As I drove Dmitry home from school this afternoon we were able to clearly see the Blue Angels go through some of their moves over Fort Worth. Saw 'em zooming a fearful rate, so I was prayerfully muttering "Pull UP! Pull UP!" Saw 'em make some sort of fountain (you'd have to have seen it). Saw six of 'em flying in a tight wedge formation.

    Get to see the Blue Angels flying over the city. Get to watch fireworks from my front porch.

    Is this a great place to live or what?

  • 8 or so years ago, the Blues were here for an airshow. We knew enough to get to the airport early. The gates opened around 8 AM - we were there, and walked our chairs down right to flight-line-center, in the first row behind the orange fence. We left the chairs and our cooler there and wandered among the static displays. Came back around lunch, sat and ate our goodies from the cooler, and waited for the show to begin. There were other acts that afternoon, and the Blues were the last to go. But man-oh-man what a show they put on! We saw it all - starting with the march to the planes. It's all precision moves on the ground too. There's nothing quite like having 6 FA-18's fire up their engines directly in front of you. And the moves they put on in the air - simply amazing. There's nothing quite like it.

  • I saw them the summer I spent with Kim and Bill in El Paso. It was amazing. It's been what - just over 30 years and I still remember that. Incredible. The Knights did their thing too. Terri was just two years old and she kept saying, "That was a DOOOSY!" :)

    Fort Worth sounds like a very cool place to live. Cogan Station ain't so bad either, even if we don't get such wonders in the sky as that! We can see fireworks from our front porch, though, when the carnival's in town. So there.



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