March 30, 2005

  • Alright, someone remind me why I
    thought buying a sewing machine and patterns and material and
    dressmaking shears so as to try anew The Wonderful World Of Sewing was
    a wonderful idea?

    'Cause I've just unpacked the new sewing machine and am already lost.  

    For one thing, I wish to mercy the manufacturer would not feel it
    incumbent upon it to print the instruction manual in multiple
    languages.  Not being the sharpest needle in the pack, this
    confuses me more than a little.  Yeah, yeah, fine, English is
    first, but when there are several sets of instructions on a page, it's
    a trial trying to locate the English.

    And to be fair, I cannot begin to imagine what a pain it must be to be
    stuck wading through various languages in a search for your own, buried
    somewhere in the middle.

    Threading the bobbin!  What a nuisance.  Pull the thread
    through the hole in the bobbin from the inside.  Huh? 

    And another thing . . . !

    Alex and Beth better keep Hannah away from an open flame, that's all I
    can say, because if there's any flame-retardant layette material,
    intended for children's sleepwear, out there, I can't find it. 
    The woman at the fabric store stared at me in perplexity when I
    inquired as to where they're keeping the material that IS suitable for
    children's sleepwear.  Baffled, she led me to the area I'd already
    perused, filled to the brim with cute fabrics with bows and bunnies and
    kittens and baby pins, all obviously intended for babies.  I
    showed her (people love it when I do this) that each and every one of
    'em had "NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN'S SLEEPWEAR" on the board around
    which the bolt of fabric is wrapped.

    What's a Gran to do?  I already had the sewing machine and the vintage pattern ordered off eBay (thanks a LOT, Cindy!).

    So the clerk and I decided I'd just have to warn Hannah's parents to
    keep her away from fire.  Which is probably a good idea anyway.

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  • ROFL!

    Poor Anne.

    But you can't pin this one on ME! I offered to sew the silly things, but noooooooooooooooooo, you had to go and buy a sewing machine.

    Dearheart, if you'd gotten the pattern (or let me get it and purchase the fabrics) and the fabric and sent it to me, those things would be finished by now AND you'd have your sanity.

    But hey, I'm just sayin'.


  • Yeah, well, you may yet get your chance.

  • I make my kids jammies out of whatever I find cute. I figure that they're not going to be playing with, or in fire so they should be okay.

    When my husband bought me my new machine....13 years ago, he had to thread the thing and show me what he did. The instructions still give me the willies trying to find what I'm looking for!

  • I've got the thing threaded and have stitched a couple of straight stitches.

    Stay tuned! =%^0

  • See Anne go. Go, Anne, go! See Anne sew. Sew, Anne, sew!

  • Ho, ho, ho, Valerie! Ho, ho, ho!

  • Now, we want UPDATES!

    And photos of those wee garments when they're completed.


    PS Sew, Anne, SEW!!

  • Yeah, that not intended for children's sleepwear stuff is lawyerspeak. Obviously, thin flannel with diapered bunnies on it is not intended for anything else.

    Just remember, the thin flannel with bunnies on it is not any more dangerous in fire than anything else, it just isn't the specially made "flame retardant" stuff.

  • Would asbestos (sp?) jammies be comfy? Might be cute with a little fireman's helmet to go with it.

    - Dennis

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