March 30, 2005

  • There's nothing like a moderated email list to provide opportunities to
    exercise those all-important humility muscles, you know it?

    Sent a message to a particular list I'm on (did it at the list site
    itself, even), about the morality of the lottery, and it's been three
    hours but it hasn't been posted.  Others have been posted,
    mind.  Others on that very same topic.  But not mine.

    Nope.  Mine is nowhere to be seen.

    Well, that's okay.  Not like everyone in the world needs to hear from me
    on all topics, right?  Most likely sending in a message was an
    ego-rub on my part.  Though I was careful to ascertain no one had
    made the particular point I was making.  Didn't want to waste the
    list's time being redundant.

    Always thinking of others, that's me. 

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  • Which list? I'm wondering if it's the Yahoo list I haven't even peeked at in years. Then recently I got a mass mailing to members from an admin that more or less said that anti-complementarianism wouldn't be tolerated anymore. Made me chuckle and think I might have done well to avoid seeing what was no longer tolerated.

    Then again, the lottery would be a little off-topic. Tho I recall they started an off-topic list for such occasions.

    - Dennis

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