January 31, 2005

  • Is it my imagination, or has the Volcano Cam “moved” closer to the volcano?  I would swear it used to be farther away. 

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  • How do you know the volcano hasn’t moved closer to the cam? Hmmmm? ;)

  • Call it a hunch, Moosie. 

  • I guess I’m a fair-weather volcano watcher.  What is the purpose of looking at it regularly these days?  When the local news guys start telling Harry Truman’s replacement that it’s time to move, lest he too be buried under layers and layers of ash and stuff, I’ll start checking volcano cam again.

  • Well, I don’t check it terribly often, which is why I was reluctant to rely solely upon my memory regarding the placement of the camera.  Though it might also be a new  zoom lens.

    And I, for one, want to be Johnny-on-the-spot for when/if it ever gets around to doing anything.

    There’s a couple of Alaskan volcanoes starting to look promising, though.

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