January 29, 2005

  • Today is my mother's birthday . . . happy birthday, Mom! 

    This evening there was a party for her, at which my sister, Jeanne's, idea for a gift from the four siblings was shown to have been a stellar one:

    Is it?  Could it be?  She didn't ask for one, but oh, how she wanted one . . . !

    It was.  A fancy, ultraslim monitor. 

    Amazing how fast the boys got it hooked up! 

    Jessica chilling out with a glass o' bubbly.      Bethie and Kirsten doing girl stuff.

    Dmitry and Benjamin having a moment together.

    New mom-to-be Jill, talking to Dad

    Jonathan's birthday was celebrated tonight, as well . . . here he is opening his cards.

    Benjamin and Bethie pigging out on cake and peppermint ice cream.


    My sister-in-law, Mary, managed to accomplish what I hadn't been able to do . . . get Dmitry to play backgammon, one of my favorite games.

    Uncle Jonathan inducting his nephew into the world of computers.

    It was a lovely party! 

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  • Fantastic photos! Your mother looks to be thrilled with her gift - great idea!

    Families are great. Parties are great. Family parties CAN be great. Glad yours was!



  • A grandma after my own heart!  I'd love a slim monitor.  One of these days ...

    Wonderful family pics.  It looks as though everyone was having a great time.

  • Wonderful wonderful pictures!!

  • Goodness Kirstin's growing up. They do at that age, how well I know! Great pictures!

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