January 27, 2005

  • Today is the natal day of my own, very very unique, Jonathan Andrew, who is 28 years old. 

    Naturally this called for hauling out the photo albums:

    Here's Mama and Jonathan when he was Very Small Indeed, followed by him at 3 years old.  (No need to point him to my blog, okay?)

    On the left is Jonathan on his 6th birthday, and on the right he's 9 years old.  I adore that photo...it's just so darn Jonnyish!  

    On the left is him with his grandmother on his 14th birthday (which is just two days before hers, BTW), and in the picture to the right he's about 17.  Amazing the difference in enthusiasm regarding being photographed, huh?  You'll also notice the bunny-ear fixation so prevalent in my family. 

    This is him at 22 years old.

    And here he was a month ago, on Christmas day, opening a Chinese Christmas gift.

    Happy birthday, Jonathan Andrew! 

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  • Great pics!  Especially love Superman.  And it gave me an idea for when my first-born turns 45 in a few weeks. 

  • Lovely photos - thanks for sharing them!

    And happy birthday to Jonathan, who will never read this, because he's never to see this part (at least) of his mama's blog!

    Talk about the homogenization of America - Jason had just about every piece of clothing Jonathan's wearing, through the years. They are close in age, but goodness! The only thing Jason never owned is any kind of football clothing - never did want it, certainly wouldn't now. (he's got a couple of high-priced hockey jerseys though - the kind you display on the wall, not the kind you wear.)

    And the haircuts are all the same, too, except - did Jonathan go through a Really Long Hair phase? (Jason's was past his shoulders for a mercifully brief time when he was 15 or so.) And now, of course, he buzz-cuts it. Can't be bothered with keeping his fast-growing, ultra-thick hair trimmed up. (just like his dad.)

    AND Jason had those same glasses. He used to push them up by wrinkling his nose. Goofy kid.

    Anyway - congrats to you!


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