December 30, 2004

  • So how'd you spend your Thursday evening?

    The computer's been occasionally making a weird noise and when asked what he thought it was, Don sighed unhappily, saying he's rather afraid it's the hard drive going out, so I might want to go ahead and transfer all those photos on it to CD's.

    Suffice it to say one folder alone contained over 2 GB of pictures. 

    I've been transferring for hours, but finally have at least most of the pictures on a dozen CD's.

    Of course, there are things besides photos that I want to save . . . I'll start working on those tomorrow.

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  • Poor Anne! I'm fortunate to have Jason who is MOST cooperative about keeping those things burned onto CDs for me! Actually, he's working now on a DVD for his aunties with all (500) of the cruise photos. :)

    He's a keeper.


  • Oh dear! If you're not already done, you might want to consider just running out and buying an external hard drive. You can probably get a lot of convenient storage for under a hundred bucks.

  • [awestruck]  Okay, now that's a Good Idea!  An external harddrive!

    I'll run it past Don and see what he thinks.

  • : rolling eyes

    This, from the NEW girl, who, if memory serves, has a computer that hasn't worked right in months!

  • Ah, but all my files from my OLD computer are safe because I have an external hard drive!

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